• 🎥 ABC News
    "A lot of Dublin’s heart and soul is in its pubs...” 

    🎥 RTÉ News →
    "I was able to combine two things I love a lot - Dublin and Lego..."

    🗞️ Sunday Independent →
    "The builds are charming and look deceptively simple, but the reality is often far more complex..."

    📻 2FM →
    "This is brilliant, it's the new thing..."

    📻 Today FM →
    "His love letter to Dublin all written in Lego..."

    🗞️ Irish Post →
    "The creative force behind the increasingly popular DublinBricks..." 

    🗞️ Dublin Gazette →
    "Iconic watering holes using tiny lego bricks..." 

    🗞️ Dublin Inqurier →
    "Solving puzzles and getting creative is a way to just step away from the outside world..." 

    🗞️ NOVA FM→
    "They have produced the exterior to perfection..."

    🗞️ District Magazine →
    "Gianni has even gone as far to add snugs and creamy pints..." 

    🗞️ Lovin Dublin →
    "This man's talents appear to be endless..."

    🗞️ The Liberty →
    "The timeless joy of Lego is clear to see..."